FIRST Robotics Competition is a unique varsity sport that was designed with the aim to help young adults realize how interesting and rewarding the life of an engineer or a researcher can be.
The competition challenges teams & their mentors to work together and solve a common problem within a timeframe of six weeks using a standard “kit of parts” and a common set of rules. Teams build robots from given parts and participate in challenges set by Dean Kamen, Dr. Woodie Flowers and a committee of engineers and other professionals.

At FIRST, scoring the best is a secondary goal. Students are rewarded for their excellence in design, team spirit, professionalism, problem solving skills and maturity. We aim to redefine the meaning of word winning by not focusing on scores but rather encouraging our participants to build long-lasting partnerships.

Things that set FRC apart:

  1. Participants interact with pros and gain valuable experience.
  2. Designing and building a robot is a fascinating real-world professional experience
  3. The game rules are a surprise every year.